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Jackson Browne or Saturate Before Using

The Story of the Jackson Browne/Saturate Before Using Album Cover – As told by Jackson Browne Other albums by Jackson Browne: Jackson Browne (1972) For Everyman (1973) Late For The Sky (1974) The Pretender (1976) The Fuse – Live In Chicago (1976) Running On Empty (1977) Rock Around The World (1977) Hold Out (1980) Lawyers …

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A history of 1960’s album art – UNDER THE COVERS

These videos are part of a series by album cover designer Gary Burden and photographer Henry Diltz. They provide some interesting insights into the creation of album covers back in the late 1960s and early 1970’s. They also provide some interesting bits of rock history related to certain rock stars, including the Eagles, the Doors, …

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